who dog bite management

There are many ways to manage dog bites. The most effective way to do this is to prevent the bite from occurring in the first place.
The following are some of the ways that you can manage dog bites in a way that will help keep your dog, your family and the general public safe:

1) Understand that dogs are capable of biting and so are people. Both species have teeth and will use them if they feel threatened. It is important for both humans and animals to learn how to defuse potential conflicts before they escalate into violence.

2) Know how to read body language so that you can see when another person or animal is feeling threatened. When you see this, step back from them until they calm down and relax again.

3) Learn how to walk away from an aggressive individual without provoking them any further. This may mean simply turning your back on someone who is acting aggressively towards you or it may mean walking away entirely until they calm down again. The key here is not letting yourself get drawn into an argument that could lead to violence on either side of the fence!