April 2, 2015

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Sprinks Top Picks for Pet Halloween Costumes

Dressing up on Halloween isn’t just for people anymore…its for pets too! So in spirit of Halloween and all things cute, we’ve decided to compile a list of our personal pet costume “bests”. To be fair (and to double your viewing pleasure), we’ve included both cats and dogs in our costume favorites. So without further adieu:


Sprinks Pick for a Dog Costume

Why dress your dog up as a Chia Pet for Halloween? We think a better question is why NOT??

Sprinks Pick for a Cat Costume: Lobster

We’re not recommending that you put your cat in a pot…but you have to admit a cat dressed as a lobster is awfully cute!

Cutest Dog Costume: Superman

We’re not sure what is more cute…the actual costume or the pink blush on the dog. Either way, you have to admit that this costume is absolutely adorable.

Cutest Cat Costume: Pikachu

This costume is absolutely adorable. Since this is the second photo that included adding color to the pet’s cheeks, it is probably safe to assume that colored cheeks are cute!

Funniest Dog Costume: Caveman

The accessories are what make this costume so hilarious. The crazy black mullet wig really sets the leopard print off, dontcha think?

Funniest Cat Costume: Rice Crispy Treat

 A cat dressed up as a rice crispy treat? The photo speaks volumes more than anything we could ever say.

Most Unique Dog Costume: Panda

No these aren’t some sort of hybrid…these dogs are chows that have been dyed to look like pandas. This trend began in Japan and has slowly started to spread.

Most Unique Cat Costume: Skeleton

This costume is so unique that at first glance, it doesn’t even look like a cat! This cat appears to have been dyed as well. It was an easy pick for a most unique winner.

Most Popular Costume for a Dog: Hot Dog

A hot dog is as cute a costume for a dog as it is as ironic. As a result, it has stayed one of the most popular costumes for dogs over the years.

Most Popular Costume for a Cat: Devil Cat

The popularity of the devil cat costume has held throughout the years, and will most likely continue to be a popular choice.

Most Scary Costume for a Dog: Vampire

Okay, we’ll admit it: there aren’t very many costumes that I dog could wear that would make them appear scary. Fortunately, a vampire dog is scary. If not scary, at least kind of creepy.

Most Scary Costume for a Cat: Frankenstein

Frankenstein is a scary enough character on his own, and a cat dressed up as Frankie is almost just as scary.



  1. That was beautiful. My favorites from the above costumes are Superman, Caveman, Pikachu, Vampire, Skeleton and Panda. The others like the panda is not actually costumes right? They are made by great people from pet parlors.